GTE DUATS - Free of charge flight planning tool for certificated pilots. You can even download Cirrus, a windows based interface to DUATS.

National Weather Service - Great site for weather forecasts - you can even get current conditions at several airports (METAR), national satelite an radar images.

AirNav - Provides free detailed aeronautical information on airports and navigational aids in the USA. (Suggested by Eric Poole - thanks!).

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association - A great resource for members as well as non-members and student pilots.

Landings - A collection of news, weather and aviation related sales - sort of like an "aviation portal"

Atlantic Flyer - The web-version of the magazine you see at Eagle and other FBOs.

Avemco - Offers renter's insurance. Required by Eagle East Aviation. - A comprehensive flight planning tool on the web. Unique "TripTick" PDF downloads for each leg of your flight.

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