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Jet Service Our jet service include: Rental Cars, Crew cars, fork truck, de-icing, secure parking w/ hangar space available. Learn More...
Learn to fly today Eagle East Aviation brings the dream of flight to within your grasp. Affordable prices and a dedicated staff, Eagle East is the ideal starting place for anybody interested in flying professionally or just for fun.

Training is designed to align with your schedule and can be completed at the pace you choose. Fly once a month or once a year. Already have your private pilot license? As a private pilot you can fly anywhere you would like to go. Learn More...
Aircraft Rentals Need to get away or want to take your family for a ride? Eagle East Aviation offers a number of planes to suit your needs. We make the rental process fast and easy to get you up in the air. Learn More...
Pilot Resources Eagle East offers everything you need to make your flying fun and safe.  Our best resource of all?  A staff of customer-committed instructors, crewmen and mechanics. Learn More...
Seacoast Scenic Tour Scenic drives are fine, but how about a romantic sunset flight along the coastline of Cape Ann with Mount Washington set off in the distance on a clear summer day?  Do something you won’t forget. Learn More...
Aerial Photography Need a breathtaking photo of your home?  Looking to supplement your land survey with an aerial overlay?  Whatever your needs, Eagle East can accommodate you and get the shot you want. Learn More...

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           100LL        Jet A

$6.49/G    $5.99/G

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Eagle East Specials

Discovery Flight $150
This is an inexpensive way to see how fun flying can be. The introductory flight is an actual lesson with an FAA Certified Instructor, so you will be doing most of the flying!

Aircraft Rental $175/hr
Compare our rates with other local FBO's and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. If you're not, let us know!

Aerial Photography
Business or personal, get the aerial shots you need at the right price.

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