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Do I need to take a ground school course?

One of the requirements to obtain a pilot certificate is to pass a knowledge test, commonly called the written test. While most people take a ground school course, either in person or online, to prepare for and receive the endorsement for this exam, a formal ground school is not required to take the knowledge exam. You can self study with the FAA’s books and receive the endorsement from your instructor after demonstrating you have studied and understand the material.


What are the benefits of online ground school?

Online ground schools are typically broken into many small segments or lessons of about 20 minutes in length. This can make it easier to take the course on your own time at your own pace. If you have an hour to spare, you can log in to the online course and take a lesson or two. Online ground schools are great for people who are unable to commit to a day and time for an in person ground school.


What are the benefits of in person ground school?

In person ground schools typically follow a classroom type format. With an in person ground school, you have the chance to ask the instructor questions during the lesson. In person ground schools also allow you an opportunity to network with other student pilots who are at the same stage you are. This can be beneficial later on, as you are looking for somebody to go fly with, or a safety pilot. In person ground schools are also good for people who need a more structured environment to focus and learn.


Eagle East typically offers an in person ground school course twice a year. If you are looking for an online ground school, we recommend these: 


Instrument Ground School

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